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Our Services

Special Projects

Coltzer Co. exercises a broad thinking, partner-focused approach in order to solve each client’s complex and unique challenges of building additions, renovations, repairs, and maintenance. To accomplish this, Coltzer Co. has assembled a staff of professionals with diverse skill sets who are passionately committed to balancing financial and performance goals with social and environmental needs that deliver timely, high-quality buildings, exceptional work spaces, and high performance systems.


From new construction to renovations projects, our multifaceted team brings together the single-source technical capabilities and expertise of an architect, engineer and construction manager to maximize efficiency during the design and construction phases.

Historic Preservation

Owners rely on us to preserve and restore historical structures to meet today’s performance expectations and showcase community heritage and civic pride. Our strong working relationships with trade disciplines that possess that unique skill set and areas of expertise enable us to select subcontractors that are best suited to the complex requirements of historical buildings. This skill set includes the necessary depth of knowledge for the character-defining features, materials and finishes used on these historic structures. Our goal is to implement strategies for the continued vitality and adaptive re-use of historical buildings to preserve the architectural glory unique to these historical edifices for our enjoyment now and for that of our children later.


Coltzer Co. works with our industry partners to provide design, construction and ISO-accredited testing specific to weatherproofing solutions. Our team is unsurpassed in the latest installation methods and products vital to an effective and viable weatherproofing system that will deliver complete building protection for long lasting structural integrity.

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