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Trinity Tower

Beaumont Baptist of Southeast Texas’ Trinity Tower is a 4-story structure constructed in 2008; the first floor is open parking, the second floor is “shelled” for future development, and the third and fourth floors are patient rooms. The building’s structure consists of a poured in place concrete frame with cold formed metal framing infill. The building envelope is primarily lath/stucco over gypsum sheathing (attached to cold formed metal framing), glazed aluminum curtain wall, punched windows constructed of aluminum framed storefront materials, masonry veneer and a black EPDM roof over rigid insulation boards. Since its completion in 2009, Trinity Tower has experienced failures related to the exterior building envelope; these failures include water Infiltration through the exterior walls on all sides of level two and discoloring, cracking and delaminating of the

stucco finish. Coltzer Co. worked alongside the owner and trade disciplines to facilitate the resealing of joinery and fenestrations then managed the complete cleaning of the tower’s façade and the application of an elastomeric coating, all the while ensuring minimal impact to the occupied hospital facility. With early planning, collaborative coordination, and constant communication, we completed the project within budget, and without any safety incidents or disruption of service

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