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Beaumont Surgical Affiliates

Founded in 2001, Beaumont Surgical Affiliates, Ltd. operates an outpatient surgical center which performs a broad range of surgical procedures. When a condition arose that allowed moisture intrusion within the operating rooms below the HVAC mechanical roof curb. Coltzer Co. stepped in to facilitate the removal and re-installation of necessary mechanical equipment and to complete waterproofing/roofing at the air conditioning platform. During demolition, it was noted that the roof curb metal flashing had deteriorated from ongoing issues with moisture intrusion allowing water to pond between the metal flashing and roof membrane flashing. The HVAC units’ anchors had penetrated the metal flashing and roof membrane without an adequate seal. To minimize disruptions to both visitors and contractors, work was performed during weekend hours when the occupant census was at its lowest which allowed contractors to accelerate their activities and return patient spaces to their original condition before patients returned.

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